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دانلود آلبوم بی کلام سرگردان در فضا

16 نوامبر 2016 توسط Tadeh

دانلود آلبوم بی کلام سرگردان در فضا
دانلود آلبوم بی کلام بسیار زیبا و رویایی سرگردان در فضا(The Edge of the Light)

Floating In Space – The Edge of the Light (2016)

Floating In Space The Edge of the Light 2016 دانلود آلبوم بی کلام سرگردان در فضا

آهنگساز : Floating In Space
آلبوم : The Edge of the Light
ژانر : Post-Rock, Instrumental, Ambient
سال تولید : ۲۰۱۶
کدک های صوتی : MP3
کیفیت : ۱۲۸kbps | 320kbps
حجم : ۵۶Mb | 124Mb
مدت زمان : ۳۵:۳۶


۱٫ Oceans (2:27)
۲٫ Beyond The Stars (3:46)
۳٫ Backlights (3:03)
۴٫ First Dawn (2:58)
۵٫ Radiant (3:02)
۶٫ Clocks (1:19)
۷٫ Starfeed (2:18)
۸٫ Distance (3:02)
۹٫ Confessions (2:21)
۱۰٫ Redshift (3:57)
۱۱٫ Planetary (3:33)
۱۲٫ Timeless Horizon (3:50)

Filled with lavish soundscapes, epic climaxes, dramatic builds, intimate piano moments and inspiring orchestral arrangements, the 12 track debut “The Edge Of The Light” by FLOATING IN SPACE is a boundless merging of both delicate and energetic sounds. Fans of artists including Lights & Motion, U137, Carly Comando and Inward Oceans will surely enjoy this album, which tends to lean towards the dramatic side of cinematic songwriting. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Arctic Studio in Alicante by Spanish songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Ruben Caballero.

“This album is a travel through time, space, distance and feelings. Through my songs, I try to show my vision of a world where light and shadows, calm and fears, solitude and togetherness meet in the vastness of space. There are two things that never cease to inspire me when I look through my window: the sea and the sky. I see all vital experiences, dreams and fears more clearly when taking a night walk along the coastline. Those walks inspire me to describe my feelings through music. So I’ve created an album that I would want to listen to, as if my experiences and feelings were sequences of a movie with my music as the soundtrack. I strongly believed Deep Elm was the ideal record label for Floating In Space due to its superb catalog and their know-how and experience in the genre. It is of vital importance for me to work with people who share my passion for music and who pay attention to every small detail of a song, encouraging their growth and taking them to a whole new level. ‘The Edge Of The Light’ is a result of that cooperation and I am really looking forward to seeing it released to the world,” says Caballero.

“As a result of our outright love of the genre, Deep Elm seems to have carved out a niche in cinematic post-rock and piano-based instrumentals. The addition of such a high caliber artist like Floating In Space was a natural fit. The very first time I heard ‘Beyond the Stars’ I could not shake the melody from my head. Ruben shaped each impressive song in such a delicate, patient and brilliant way and we feel very fortunate that he has decided to join the Deep Elm family of fine artists. This debut is absolutely stunning, but don’t take my word for it…stream the album preview for yourself,” says label founder John Szuch.

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